Bore Hill Farm Biodigester welcomes Badgers

Thu, 20-06-2013
The Badgers class at Heytesbury Primary School visited the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester in Warminster last week, as part of a project on the environment and recycling. 
The class were welcomed by Director of Malaby Biogas Thomas Minter, who gave the pupils a simple explanation on the reasons for and benefits of Anaerobic Digestion, before taking them on a brief tour of the Wiltshire biogas facility. 
Ivan Seviour, Badgers class teacher at Heytesbury Primary School, commented: "In Term 5 we looked at recycling and the environment, and as part of that project we were invited by Thomas Minter to take a tour of their hi-tech plant. It really is incredible technology, and many of the children had driven past the facility every day but had no idea what it actually did! They were amazed that electricity could be generated from food waste, and went away wanting to know more about sustainable energy."
Thomas Minter commented after the visit: "We always welcome visits from local schools, and have met several in our first year of operations here at Bore Hill Farm. The children from Heytesbury Primary School seemed to enjoy their visit, were fascinated by the technology we have on site and particularly loved wearing the fluorescent jackets! What's more, some of them had very pertinent questions about biogas and renewable energy which was both surprising and pleasing."