Malaby Biogas approves of AD “Roadmap” for the Industry

Mon, 14-01-2013

Following recent announcements at the end of 2012 from the DECC and specifically their Renewable Energy Roadmap Update, the industry body for AD and Biogas, ADBA, published its own “roadmap” for Anaerobic Digestion.

The ADBA paper talks about resistance which still exists against Biogas, and how the industry can overcome these barriers in order to encourage growth.

Excluding the water sector, there are now 92 AD plants in the UK, compar3ed to 69 in late 2011, so progress is clearly being made. The independent thinktank CentreForum reported in July 2012 that the Biogas and AD industry already generates four times more energy than solar PV and could grow even further by 2020 with the right support.

Commenting on the ADBA Roadmap, Thomas Minter, Director of Malaby Biogas, commented:

“We are pleased to see road map guidance from DECC and ADBA to assist in the delivery of the coalition's commitment to a 'huge increase in AD'.

“Currently there are a number of pinch points in getting AD plants operating in the UK. Financing remains difficult with decision makers nervous about risks and the position of Green Investments reinforces this. Technical challenges over feedstock quality and contamination highlighted by Biogen at the recent ADBA conference are welcome comments which highlight the importance of cooperation throughout the supply chain to ensure AD plants deliver the benefits that clearly underpin the coalition commitment.”

With just 10% of sites with planning site converting to operational sites according to WRAP and REA, the challenges experienced in all industries to stimulate growth in the economy are also seen in the AD industry.

Thoas Minter continues: “Having successfully managed the transition from concept to full operation of a food waste AD plant in Wiltshire Malaby Biogas is proof that it can be done in a challenging economy. Now that we are offering advice to others on development, design and operational issues we are demonstrating the economic benefits of supporting AD as a green technology. Having the production of the roadmaps will help broaden this message and lead to a greater understanding of the economic and environmental advantages of AD in tough times.”