Malaby Biogas joins IEA Task 37 Working Group

Tue, 11-12-2012

Malaby Biogas are pleased to have been invited to join the International Energy Association's Task 37 Working Group on Bioenergy. 

Task 37 covers the biological treatment of of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW), and also the anaerobic treatment or organic-rich industrial waste water. 

OFMSW is digested in specifically designed digesters (like the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester in Wiltshire) or in co-digestions with other wastes, mainly manure. 

The main interests of this group are the production of biogas and a resulting digestate of very high quality, along with collection, sorting, gas upgrading and gas utilisation are also accompanying technologies considered by the group. 

Malaby Biogas are in a unique position having designed, contructed and now successfully operate an Anaerobic Digestion plant near Warminster in Wiltshire, and are looking forward to actively contributing to the IEA's work.