Warminster’s Bore Hill Farm Biodigester working with local farm, the Ginger Piggery

Fri, 16-11-2012

The Ginger Piggery, located on Boyton Farm, has signed up to the Malaby Biogas “Direct to AD” food waste recycling scheme operating in Wiltshire.

Situated in the heart of the beautiful Wylye Valley, the renowned Ginger Piggery provides Boyton Farm with an outlet to the public, selling award winning traditional breed meats, local produce and home cooked meals in their restaurant. In deciding to work with the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester, the Ginger Piggery will divert its food and butchery waste away from polluting landfill to Malaby’s entirely sustainable alternative which converts it into low carbon fertiliser and renewable energy. Use of the fertiliser on local farms closes the loop between agriculture and food production and consumption.

Boyton Farm is a family run mixed farm, growing grain and grass for their dairy and beef cows, sheep and the famous Tamworth pigs.

Thomas Minter, Director of Malaby Biogas, comments: “We are delighted to be working with the Ginger Piggery, which has an excellent reputation in the region for rearing their animals in an ethical and sustainable way to produce their meat.

“Also, as one of the by-products from the recycling of food waste is a high quality fertiliser  - known as digestate– it is now possible to really close the loop between farming, food and waste. Therefore working with a sustainable business like the Ginger Piggery is a very exciting development in the progress of the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester.”

Caroline Wheatley-Hubbard, owner of the Ginger Piggery said of the partnership:  “We at the Ginger Piggery are pleased to see our waste being used locally to help the environment. Reducing our need for incineration is very welcome. It’s great to see negatives turning into positives and it’s local as well!”

Visitors to the Ginger Piggery will find the farm butchery, The Trough restaurant and art centre, all housed in the converted old Piggery with first class facilities, including ample parking, toilets, and very good disabled access.  Members of the public can buy the meat from animals raised on Boyton Farm and other locally sourced food, whilst enjoying the various active workshops in the Tamworth Studios and arts & crafts in the Black Barn Gallery