Direct to AD food waste recycling scheme attracts more local participants

Tue, 25-09-2012

The Bore Hill Farm Biodigester, Warminster’s innovative greentech business and the only food waste recycling plant in Wiltshire, continues to attract local organisations who want to divert their waste from landfill to a greener solution, including latest participants Warminster School and the Bath Arms at Crockerton.

The Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant, operated by Malaby Biogas on the outskirts of Warminster is now fully operational, and receives bulk feedstock from commercial and municipal sources, as well as smaller deliveries of food waste from local businesses including Warminster Preparatory School.

Thomas Minter, Director of Malaby Biogas, commented “We collect approximately 40 food waste buckets every week from Warminster Preparatory School, which equates to roughly one tonne of food waste per week which is being diverted from traditional landfill to a greener, more sustainable solution. We are pleased that a school has got behind the food waste recycling initiative, and were more than happy to show some of the pupils around the plant on a recent visit. Hopefully this will have a positive impact on the next generation’s perception of waste.”

Stuart Morgan-Nash, Deputy Headmaster of Warminster Preparatory School “We here at Warminster Preparatory School are extremely proud of the partnership we have formed with Malaby Biogas. We feel it is a great scheme which the children are thoroughly enjoying being involved in.  It has helped our pupils to develop a real sense of achievement whilst learning the importance of supporting local community schemes.”

The Bath Arms at Crockerton have also been participating in the scheme since July 2012, and have 20 buckets of food waste collected per week which equates to around 25 tonnes of food waste diverted from landfill every year.

“Every month we receive  enquiries from local or regional businesses wanting to explore recycling of their food waste, and are looking forward to growing the network of local businesses and organisations who see the value in diverting waste from landfill and gaining some greener credentials in the process.” says Thomas Minter.

The Bore Hill Farm Biodigester in Warminster is Wiltshire's first green biogas plant. The plant will process 17,000 tonnes of food waste annually and produce around 500kW of electricity per hour which will be fed into the national grid. There are also nine business units on the site which will be developed into a "Sustainable Business Park".