Global Biogas market predicted to hit $33bn USD by 2022

Sun, 15-07-2012

According to recent forecasts, the world's biogas market could double by 2022, growing to over $33bn USD from an estimated $17bn USD last year.

With farmers, councils and industrial companies all demanding increased waste treatment technology, and more opportunity for biogas to be used in transportation and hybrid energy generation, the biogas industry is set for steady growth over the next decade according to Pike Research.
Current worldwide biogas production stands at over 800 billion cubic feet, which is almost 14.5 GW of grid-scale renewable generation capacity. 
Thomas Minter, Director of Malaby Biogas comments: "The Biogas industry is growing worldwide and we are planning on contributing to this growth both in the UK and Overseas. The wider economic benefits of reduced carbon emissions, integrated low impact development and energy efficiency that come from Anaerobic Digestion have been a key message Malaby Biogas has been pushing for years. It is flexible, proven and we have delivery experience through our installation at Bore Hill Farm in Wiltshire."