AD and Biogas industry could accelerate renewables industry

Wed, 23-05-2012


According to environmental champion Lord Redesale, the UK Government can and must do more to boost the waste-to-energy sector. 
The Liberal Democrat peer Lord Redesale is the chair of the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association ("ADBA") of which Malaby Biogas is also an active member. He said recently at the Clean Energy Ministerial in London that the Coalition Government had set out an ambitious goal to be the most environmentally-friendly Government ever. 
He also remarked that whilst some positive steps had been taken, the progress towards greater renewable energy has been "painfully slow". 
Lord Redesale is calling on the Government to recognise the value of increasing energy from waste generated through the process of Anaerobic Digestion (AD). 
He said, "With the right policies biogas could deliver 10% of the UK's domestic gas demand, be worth £2-3bn to the UK economy and support up to 35,000 jobs. This green growth is vital to drag Britain back out of recession."
He went on to add that the UK Government needed to recognise the potential value in an AD export market, which would be of great benefit to British businesses. 
Thomas Minter, Director of Malaby Biogas, agreed and added: "It is vital that there is adequate support from government to allow real progress in the delivery of AD on the ground. It is good for the environment and is good for business growth. This should include a review and easing of the regulatory burden that affects the waste to energy sector and AD in particular. Reducing regulation and red tape will speed up economic growth and allow greentech industries to lead the country out of recession".