We are seeking an enthusiatic and confident person to fill a new role. In order to support the growth and development of the buisness into new markets and new service we are looking for an Administration Manager to work with and support operational management to become the 'best in class' UK buisness and win awards.

The Administration Manager will be required to undertaking the following:

  • Become conversant with the design and operation of the biodigester and the roles of staff and key contractors. This will include being present to understand how the plant is built and operated.

  • Operate weighbridge management software and ticketing system

  • Understand & control data acquisition and analysis for operational systems

  • Develop and operate an integrated Operational Management System to include SOPs, Risk Assessments, H&S Compliance, ISO

  • 9001 & 14001, Environmental Permit compliance, Animal Byproducts Regulations compliance, Staff Training & HR management

  • Adopt, develop and operate records preparation for accounting – AR, AP, Purchasing Management Accounts reporting General business administration issues such as insurance, business rates, records and filing, procurement of supplies and equipment inventories, employment & HR etc

  • Operational administration data entry and/or train staff for specific tasks

  • Development of management reporting system including KPIs, milestones, targets and performance records

  • Developing an operational maintenance system

  • Providing administrative support to the Operations Manager

  • Prepare for and participate in management meetings and liaison to the Board of Directors.

  • Develop and implement a visitor management system to include contractors, deliveries guided tours, regulators and compliance visitors etc - Visitor logs, procedures and H&S compliance

  • Provide an interface with all stakeholders in the operation of the biogas plant and act as the first point of contact in site operations with:

  • Directors

  • Design and construction teams (architects, engineers, consultants, technology providers etc) Technology providers

  • Contractors (specialists, maintenance, etc) Regulators (LPA, EA, State Vets, EHO)

  • Interested Third Parties (neighbours, schools, local bodies, trade associations, councillors) General public

  • Develop systems to effectively build and maintain a high profile online presence for the company (including development of web site, newsletters, social media, direct online marketing etc).

You will be a dynamic and self motivated person keen to build new initiatives, drive efficiencies and increase feedback to motivate staff and enable decision making.
If you think you would be able to make a positive contribution then contact us immediately for an interview. 

Please call us on 01985 216976 or email with a CV and covering letter to arrange an interview.


How School Dinners can become the School Run

Tue, 25-06-2013

Pupils and staff from Warminster School paid a visit to Bore Hill Farm Biodigester in Warminster, to see how their own food waste is diverted from landfill and converted into heat and renewable...

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Bore Hill Farm Biodigester welcomes Badgers

Thu, 20-06-2013

The Badgers class at Heytesbury Primary School visited the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester in Warminster last week, as part of a project on the environment and recycling.    The class were...

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Malaby Biogas finalists at ADBA Awards 2013

Mon, 10-06-2013

Malaby Biogas, which operates the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester in Wiltshire has been named as finalists in three categories at the prestigious ADBA Awards 2013.    The UK AD and Biogas...

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Malaby Biogas celebrates first anniversary

Tue, 14-05-2013

  A milestone has been passed by the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester in Wiltshire, as it celebrates its' first year since starting commissioning.    Malaby Biogas, which designed...

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Awards Season for Malaby Biogas

Sat, 16-03-2013

Malaby Biogas, which operate the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester in Wiltshire, are delighted to announce that their Anaerobic Digestion facility is a finalist for two national awards. Firstly, Malaby...

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Government announces detail of Renewable Heat Incentive

Thu, 28-02-2013

This week the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) set out the Government's long-term plan to ensure a renewable heat scheme for commercial, industrial and community organisations....

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Biogas industry responds to Government's Energy Bill

Sat, 26-01-2013

Plans are being drawn up by the UK Government to protect the electricity generating capacity of the country, with commitments to a law carbon future and the generation of electricity from truly...

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Malaby Biogas approves of AD “Roadmap” for the Industry

Mon, 14-01-2013

Following recent announcements at the end of 2012 from the DECC and specifically their Renewable Energy Roadmap Update, the industry body for AD and Biogas, ADBA, published its own “roadmap...

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Malaby Biogas joins IEA Task 37 Working Group

Tue, 11-12-2012

Malaby Biogas are pleased to have been invited to join the International Energy Association's Task 37 Working Group on Bioenergy.  Task 37 covers the biological treatment of of the organic...

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Malaby Biogas expands capacity to include packaged food waste

Thu, 29-11-2012

Malaby Biogas, which operates an Anaerobic Digestion plant in Wiltshire, has expanded its scope of feedstock to include packaged waste as the installation goes from strength to strength. During...

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