The Prince Leopold Inn goes green with food waste recycling

Sat, 30-06-2012

When a new waste-to-energy plant was built on the outskirts of Warminster, the owners of the Prince Leopold Inn decided it would be the perfect time to improve their green credentials by sending their food waste to be recycled into energy.

Malaby Biogas, who operate the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester on Deverill Road have been running the trial “Direct to AD” scheme for over a month, and have made twice-weekly collections of food waste buckets from the Prince Leopold Inn at Upton Lovell.

Waste from food preparation as well as leftover food from the pub and restaurant gets assigned to special sealable buckets, which are transported to the plant where the waste goes through a process of Anaerobic Digestion and converted into heat and energy.

Chris Wood, partner in the Prince Leopold, says, “The Prince Leopold was happy to be first pub to sign up to Malaby Biogas’s food waste collection round because we were finally able to do something that reduced our waste travel miles and made our bins cleaner. The land fill is over 40 miles away whereas Malaby Biogas is just 3 miles away! It is fantastic that we have a ground breaking business on our doorstep so now we can genuinely tell our customers we are being green and supporting local businesses. The service we get is brilliant and it has made our kitchens and our staff cleaner and greener. All in such a short period of time. It’s a win-win from our point of view.”

Thomas Minter, Director of Malaby Biogas says, “The trials we have been running with the Prince Leopold have been very successful and will allow us to expand the service to other hospitality businesses in the area.”

Calculations based on the initial collections at the Prince Leopold Inn suggest that over the course of 12 months the pub and restaurant would generate over 15 tonnes of food waste, which would previously have been sent to landfill but which will now be used to generate electricity to power homes and businesses in the UK.

Malaby Biogas are offering a special introductory offer of 20% discount on the first ten businesses signing up for the Direct to AD scheme.