Direct to A.D.

Warminster’s Bore Hill Farm Biodigester working with the Ginger Piggery

Fri, 16-11-2012

The Ginger Piggery, located on Boyton Farm, has signed up to the Malaby Biogas “Direct to AD” food waste recycling scheme operating in Wiltshire. Situated in the heart of the beautiful...

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Food waste recycling scheme attracts more local participants

Tue, 25-09-2012

The Bore Hill Farm Biodigester, Warminster’s innovative greentech business and the only food waste recycling plant in Wiltshire, continues to attract local organisations who want to divert...

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Local businesses join Direct to A.D. Scheme

Tue, 24-07-2012

We are extremely pleased with the initial response to our Direct to A.D. Scheme for local food waste, with several new clients in West Wiltshire signing up for regular collections.  In addition...

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The Prince Leopold Inn goes green with food waste recycling

Sat, 30-06-2012

When a new waste-to-energy plant was built on the outskirts of Warminster, the owners of the Prince Leopold Inn decided it would be the perfect time to improve their green credentials by sending...

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Direct to A.D. Service launches in Wiltshire

Tue, 17-04-2012

Businesses around Warminster and Bradford-on-Avon have already started to express their interest at the new Direct to A.D. service launched by Malaby Biogas. The new plant at Bore Hill Farm in...

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Malaby Biogas to offer Local ‘Direct to AD’ Food Waste Collection Scheme

Wed, 21-03-2012

With the imminent start of the new Bore Hill Farm Biodigester in Warminster, Wiltshire, Malaby Biogas are now developing a local collection scheme so nearby businesses can take advantage of the...

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